Privacy and confidentially will be used to ensure that clients are treated with the utmost respect.


Many factors must first be considered regarding the sale of your current home. The task can feel daunting for first-time sellers but with a savvy approach and the right real estate professional to assist, there will be a ‘SOLD’ sign on your front lawn before you know it.


Home staging brings a home to life and can be the key to creating an emotional connection in a potential Buyer or Renter.

Home staging is a key success strategy when selling your property. Potential Buyers and Renters often have a hard time imagining what the space could look like and by staging your property, it helps Buyers and Renters feel at home.

Every home is unique and need personal attention to inspire the space, leaving potential Buyers and Renters without a doubt about why they need to make an offer.

Download the guide to consumer real estate staging here.

Negotiations are simplified when inspections are provided prior to offer negotiations.

Obtaining a certified home inspector from a professional who is licensed to practice in Ontario will assist Buyers to better understand any work that a home might require in the near future. It is important to understand costs involved prior to purchase to ensure that the property is best suited. In the event the items of concern aren’t reasonable wear and tear, the Buyer and Seller can remedy either by the Seller repairing a major structural or mechanical problem or reduction in price.

An inspection is for knowledge purposes and should not be considered as a tool to request a “haircut” in the purchase price. Reasonable wear and tear is not considered major and should be understood that most homes will have improvements to be considered throughout ownership.


I will assist providing my expert advice on how to prepare your home for the market place. Reassuring you address the wear and tear deficiencies that may affect the sale price of your home if not repaired.

I will assist in providing available trades and organizing the process for the least hassle and best price. I have the experience of renovating and the expertise to provide a smooth process.

Selling your home can be emotional. I will take the time to ensure you have a complete understanding of the process and assist with strategically preparing your home to attract the right Buyers. I will outline my responsibilities with complete disclosure, loyalty and accountability. I will do this by preparing a detailed market analysis report outlining current market conditions and past sales to determine a fair market value while staying competitive. 

Market reports are required to be reassessed frequently to ensure you have an up to date market analysis. The market trends change frequently in these forever changing economical conditions.

A savvy marketing plan including media professional brochures prepared and a photo/video shoot to ensure your property is seen in its best outfit. The latest in technology for the utmost exposure and visual appeal. A full description of your home ensuring all details mentioned and described in its fullest for maximum Buyer appeal.

I will support you with a safe and secure showing to provide a stress-free and smooth process. I am there every step of the way. I will provide a full market report with all feedback from showings promptly and regularly. Pre qualify Buyers to avoid time spent unnecessarily on situation that may turn negatively. Negotiating Power, that’s what I have. Remember, I am the expert.

In good faith I will notify you of all offers in a timely manner. I will manage the transactions, paperwork and closing ensuring every detail has been met. I will also be following up with all aspects of administration, mortgage lenders and lawyers to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

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